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Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) (according to Dr. Vodder)


Manual Lymph Drainage is an advanced therapy which stimulates the lymph vessels by using specialised techniques to move the lymph.
More details on the treatment can be found at:
I am qualified in MLD according Dr Vodder.

I am a fully qualified MLD therapist and able to treat clients with Lymphoedema as well as offering compression bandaging.

MLD is recommended for those who have received Liposuction to aid with swelling.
MLD can also help with autoimmune diseases.

The first session is a detailed consutlation, we will work out a treatment plan for you, what are your expectations are for the treatment and order any compression bandages that maybe needed for your treatments.  We may nee to check with your medical professional if there are any issues that arise during the consultation.
Consultation price: £20
Subsequent treatments: £40

Please note that, you maybe able to apply through the NHS for payment for treatments and get compression bandages on prescription. You would need to speak to your GP or Lymphoedema clinic.

ScarWork Therapy
After surgery or an accident, scars can be left feeling tight, restricted movement, painful/numbness, cause adhesions. Scars cam take up to 2 years to heal.

ScarWork is a treatment that can help to clear congestion that causes adhesions, help to relieve restriction and aid the natural mobility.
The treatment is a light, calming treatment and can improve the look of the scar as well as improving the tissue.
We can work on majority of scars of any age and location.
Please contact for more information.
1 hour treatment: £30


Massage Treatments


Swedish Massage

 A Swedish massage is a basic standard massage. It is the foundations for all Western massage.
It is a more gentle style of treatment; perfect if you have never had a massage before.

75 minutes: A relaxing full body, including front and back of the body- £35

Swedish Back Massage: 30 minutes- £25


Total back:

A Swedish massage with a difference, it concentrates on the back of the body, so longer is spent on the areas that generally need it i.e the back. Includes, Back of head, Neck, Shoulders, Back, Back of the legs and feet.

   60 minutes- £30


Bellabaci Cellulite Treatment:

Using Bellabaci cups to massage the tension from the muscles. These silicone made cups are squeezed to get the suction and can be moved around the muscles, whilst the suction is in place. Moving the cups stops the 'cup kiss' marks which are broken capillaries.
The cups work by given the muscles a negative pressure compared to normal massage (positive pressure), which stretches the muscles and the fascia. It is also good to break down cellulite in unwanted areas.

30 minutes (back or legs only) - £25


Aromatherapy Massage:

Similar to a Swedish massage but with essential oils, blended to suit your needs.

75 minutes  - £40


Sports Massage:

Not just for the sporty, a Specialist treatment to help diagnose injuries, deals with soft tissue complaints, headaches etc. Or even for the athletes who want a loosen up.

The pressure is decided by you throughout the treatment. It may be uncomfortable as it is working on the areas that need it but it should not be painful.

60 minutes - £35

30 minutes- £25


Aroma Sport:

A Sports massage with essential oils to aid the muscles

60 minutes - £40


Hot Stone Massage:

The stones are special stones from a volcano which are heated in Hot Water, the stones are placed in the therapist's hands and the therapist massages the heat of the stones into the body, a relaxing and warming treatment.

60 minutes ( Total back- back of the body-) £35

90 minutes- (full body) £50


Hot Stones and Sports:

60 minutes on the back using the hot stones to warm the back prior to the sports treatments. Stones are then used at the end to ease any soreness and to relax the muscles.

60 minutes£40


Baby Massage (parental tuition) :

We teach you to massage your baby. Encourages communication, can aid sleep, reduce digestion disorders, colic and teething.

2x 1 hour sessions-1-1 tuition or 2-1 tuition-  £20 (total)

Baby Reflexology to be added to course.

Holistic Treatments



Reflexology is based on the principle that the feet are a map of the body and that by working on a particular area of the feet you can help balance, unblock or stimulate that part of the body. A relaxing treatment.

60 minutes- £30

Indian Head Massage

A relaxing treatment to target the tops of shoulders, neck, scalp and face. Can be done seated or laying on the table.

30 minutes- £20


Hopi Ear Candling:

 A relaxing treatment to target blocked ears and sinuses. This treatment includes candles in each ear, facial drainage, foot reflex points and nasal inhaler.

60 minutes- £30


Chakra Balancing:

 To balance the 7 chakras in the body using Chi.

20 minutes- £15



Using the natural energy system in the universe 'Chi' we can help balance, unblock and work the body on a physical, mental and emotional level. This treatment is usually performed fully clothed laying down and is hands off.

45 minutes- £25


Foot Massage:

A general foot massage to help loosen tightness and soreness on soles and top of feet and toes.

30 minutes- £20


Neal's Yard Remedies Facials:

A relaxing treatment to boost the skin's radiance and to relax the muscles. The treatment involves cleansing, toning, exfoliating, facial massage and moisturise.

60 minutes- includes mask and foot massage- £30

30 minutes- no mask or foot massage- £20


Cupping facial:

Similar to a normal facial which uses cupping to improve the appearance of lines, to tone and to increase circulation. The cups are not constantly used through the treatment.

60 minutes-  £35 


Relax Package:

A treatment to treat the whole body, including a full body massage, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology.

120 minutes - £60 

Pregnancy Treatments
Reflexology for Conception-

As a normal reflexology but with specialist training to work on the points to aid conception.

60 minutes  - £30


Reflexology for Pregnancy:

As a normal reflexology treatment but with specialist training to work with pregnancy and to try to encourage labour (this is not guaranteed). It is advised to have several treatments prior to full time to allow the body to adjust to reflexology.

60 minutes- £30


Pregnancy Massage:

Similar to the Total Back treatment but due to not being able to lie on the front, the client is seated in a chair for back and shoulders followed by sitting on the massage table for legs and feet to be worked on.

60 minutes- £30


Aromatherapy for Pregnancy:

As with a general pregnancy massage but with specialist training to use essential oils for pregnancy.

60 minutes- £35




All the treatments are adapted to suit your needs.

Please note that there is a medical consultation prior to the treatment.

 Pregnancy treatments only after 12 weeks and you need to advise your medical team.                   

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